Happy Healthy Easter

Happy Easter to all of my awesome followers!  
This is a time to be thankful for all that you have been provided. There are some days that you don't feel like you have a lot going for you!  But if you sit back and truly look at your life there are opportunities, experiences and blessings that you have been given.  It is what you do with each of those situations that define and grow you into the person you are today.  So embrace your life experiences and use them to be a blessing to other people.

Today I am thankful for my 2 healthy and beautiful boys.  I am thankful for a husband that loves and supports our family.  I am thankful for family that is loving and involved in our lives.  I am thankful for my health and my ability to move each day.  I am thankful for the opportunities that God has given me to bless those around me through health and fitness.

I am thankful that he brought people into my life, gave me purpose and job to do.  I believe that helping people like you each and every day is my calling!  I would not want to be anywhere else in my life right now than right here where I am!

As we finish out the month of March, celebrate Christ's Resurrection I am reflecting on the sacrifice that he made for us.  On the true reason of Easter.  On the greater purpose for our lives.  Then, tomorrow after the feast is over and the family has gone home I will go back to work doing what God has told me to do!  Help those around me reach their health and fitness goals!  I'm really excited to announce my April Support groups and the ways that we can work together to reach your health and fitness goals.  So stay tuned this week for more information!

For today!  I'm cooking up some Breakfast Cinnamon Quinoa and preparing to host a feast this evening! 
I did get my workout in this morning!  I got up at 5:30 did my Turbofire 45EZ class so that I would not interfere with the rest of our family day!  Lunch is Easter Shakeology and dinner is a fabulous mix of Roasted Root Medley, Green Beans, Microgreens Salad, Ham, Salmon, and of course fruit parfaits for dessert.  So excited to spend the day with those that I love!
Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa


Today is also the last day of the month!  This also means it is the last day to lock in the cheaper price for Shakeology!  Tomorrow the price will increase $10.  If you are currently a Shakeology Home Direct customer this will not affect you.  Your price will not increase.  But if you are a one time order customer or you haven't yet committed to Shakeology then you should act now!  You have until midnight tonight to order Shakeology Home Direct with me as your coach and then receive meal planning, tips, support, and accountability to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Ask me HOW!!! 
One thing to note!  You are not locked into anything at all with Shakeology.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee.  So if you decide after 30 days an empty bag and no results that it's just not for you.  Then you can return the empty bag for a full refund and move on!  You can also post pone your Shakeology Home Direct order for up to 6 months and still preserve the cheaper price!!  Lastly, you can modify or change your order flavor at any time by contacting customer service.  I will help you and explain all of these things to you as your coach!  No risk and the only thing you have to lose is a few lbs and inches and gain energy, confidence and health!

Have a wonderful day!

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