Clean Eating Meal Plan and Prep

Here's my Pittsburgh WEATHER

What does Melanie Mitro do on a snowy January Sunday when she is feeling a little off track and in need of a kick in the rear?!?!

Meal Planning and Preparation, Clean Eating

YES I said it, I am feeling a little off track!  I was on a great clean eating streak with 1 cheat meal per week and then BAM we had a dinner out, I took the kids out for lunch and had no intention of eating pizza but there WAS literally the MOST pathetic SALAD bar ever so I ate PIZZA and man did I pay for that.  Then, we went to my parents for the weekend and made cake pops, ate a few to many chips and wound up feeling a little over stuffed Sunday morning!  So Saturday night I stayed up late, caught up on emails and made my master plan!  My MEAL PLAN THAT IS!!!!

I decided that I needed to keep it simple, I needed to plan and prep on Sunday's because I am less likely to stick with it if I don't do it ahead of time.  So I laid it all out there and then Sunday I got to work!

clean eating Meal plan
Clean Eating Meal Plan
Sunday I spent some time getting my food prepped and ready.
I put on a batch of quinoa and in the meantime I got out the veggies and fruits and my little baggies and starting measuring out my servings.

For snacks I counted out 20 grapes as a serving and put into ziplok bags.  I paired that with a cheese stick as a snack option for my husband.  I made 5 of those for the week.

For myself I did 1 apple and 14 raw unsalted almonds in a baggie for a snack.  The apple is your complex carb from a fruit or veggie and the almonds are your protein!  You want to pair the two together at each meal.  Your apple should be the palm of your hand.

Then I cut up cucumbers and yellow peppers and measured out 2 cups per serving and paired that with a hummus cup for myself.  My husband won't eat cucumbers so I measured out carrots for him with hummus.
Clean Eating Snack Preparation

Our breakfast is easy, we both have Shakeology so that's a no brainer.  We both add in chia seeds, 1/2 almond milk and 1/2 water so no fuss in the morning.

For lunches this week I decided to make the Black Bean Quinoa which is actually an appetizer but I measured out 1 1/2 cups per serving.  I also made some Turkey Meatloaf for dinner and portioned the extra as lunches as well.  Between those two we have enough for lunches this week.  If we run out or the kids eat one of our containers then we can fall back on the pinto beans and rice!
Clean Eating plan and prep

I have my dinner foods all ready for the week, grocery shopping is done and I feel very confident about the week ahead!  My goal is to give my all to my workouts, to drink my daily intake of water each day and stay on the plan.  I am a carbaholic and it's easy for me to go over in that area, so I have to really keep myself in check!  But now that I posted it publicly I'm sure you will all keep me accountable.

I really really want to look my best when we go on our cruise.  Not that I truly feel like I need to lose weight but tightening up would always feel better!!!

I wanted to leave you with some special tips! You can start small, start cleaning out the junk and replacing with some healthier alternatives below!  It's a process, it takes time but you can make it happen each day by doing something new each week!!!!

If you would like more tips like this you can always ask about my next challenge group to get you more support, accountability, motivation, tips, meal planning and more!!!

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