How To Stay On Track During Thanksgiving Week

So its Sunday and it's my typical plan and prep day!  This week is definitely a little different because it's a holiday week!  For most of us the kids are home from school, you are traveling to visit family or you are hosting family and its way easier to throw up your hands and start next week vs making a plan to balance the good with the bad!  Well, that's why I'm here.  Let me show you some of my tips for balancing it all and truly enjoying your holiday without feeling like your missing out!

That's actually the first thing that you can change.  It's not a punishment to eat healthy.  It's not a punishment to exercise portion control, its living a balanced life.  I have found that through my experience with eating healthy that I actually feel awful when I over eat, and I am lethargic after a meal that I eat to many carbs and sugars.  I find that I am actually grouchy bc sugar now has an adverse affect on me.  The next day I am craving more sugar and it is this crazy vicious cycle.  Now that doesn't mean that I don't once in a while have a sweet treat it just means that I am very mindful of when I have sweets and I really pay attention to the portion size.  When I eat I think about my food as fuel not as comfort. Even during the holidays I'm still eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  I'm always looking at my plate and asking if I have a lean protein and a veggie or fruit at each meal.  I eat carbs but they are only whole grain nutrient dense carbs. I honestly never even have whole grain bread because it's just not nutrient dense and really turns to sugar in your body. The best carbs are oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice and Ezekiel Bread or muffins {found in the freezer section of the grocery store}.

So when you eat ask yourself are you fueling your body for brain power or are you fueling for comfort?  It become a habit the more you ask yourself these questions.   I always look to see when I ate last.  Has it been at least 2 1/2 hours since my last meal.  If it hasn't then I drink a large glass of water and get busy!  I do everything in my power to make it to the next meal time!  

Around the holidays you are seriously surrounded by appetizers, dips, chips, veggies, desserts and drinks.  Your kitchen is full of finger foods for people to snack on!  It's so easy to stand and talk with your guests and mindlessly eat!!  But, take your conversation elsewhere, go to the living room or sit at the table and make the entire visit about spending quality time with your guests vs the food!  It's hard at first and its easy to start to tell yourself that you deserve to enjoy 1 day out of the year.  But its easy to let it get out of control.  So go in with a game plan.  If grandma's pumpkin cookies are a must have on your list then choose that and leave the less desirable foods treats on the plate.  
Healthy Thanksgiving Appetizers, clean Eating, Melanie MItro

WORKOUT.  There is no reason why you can't stick to your workout schedule.  If you are traveling and are staying at a hotel you can take your laptop and do your workout in your hotel room.  You can go to the gym and improvise with a different workout if you don't have a laptop.  You can find a place in your parents house to workout early in the morning that won't disturb anyone else or you can invite family to workout with you. Get a good cardio sweat session in on Thanksgiving so that you are burning more calories at rest! It helps with the extra indulgences during the day!!!  
Holiday Healthy Shakeology Recipe, Pumpkin Shakeology Recipe

If you want to workout, you will find a way!  You can even hit up the neighborhood for a brisk walk or jog!  Get some fresh air and go!  You can even create your own Turkey bowl and play some football in the backyard.

Stay Hydrated.  When you are traveling it's easy to not drink your water.  Make sure that water is still your main drink of choice and that you are focused on 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day. That is the key to keeping hydrated, full, and not over eating.

Having drinks?!?! WINE, BEER, COCKTAILS are all holiday favorites!  But what are the best options?  Well truthfully if you are on a mission then it should be none at all.  But if you want balance my suggestion is vodka and soda water with a splash of lemon or lime.  If you follow a 21 day fix meal plan then substitute 1 oz of vodka for a yellow!  A YELLOW YES!  So that means you get 1 less carb.  So make sure you account for that during the day.  I always know when I want a drink and I save up a carb for that and keep it to 1 drink!!!!

Wine is again 1 yellow so choose accordingly.

I posted my meal plan below because I really want you to see that I don't change much thru my week.  

What's my week look like?  Well normal schedule Monday through Wednesday day. Then Wednesday night we are hosting the cousins at our house for our annual popcorn ball making party!  So of course, chips, dip, drinks, and popcorn balls.  I'm not going there... helping to wrap the popcorn balls but not eating them.  They are awesome but its totally not my focus.

Thursday morning for Thanksgiving Matt and I will still be up doing our Insanity Max 30 workout, shakeology for breakfast, healthy am snack, lunch at the house and then off to my Aunt and Uncles house for Thanksgiving. Afternoon snack is veggies and hummus {my mom already gave me the scoop on the snacks}.  Dinner will be easy, just keep it simple.  I asked if I could just have some steamed beans vs butter on them and a sweet potato plain before they add the brown sugar and butter.  I can handle that! Double up on veggies, sit away from the desserts, drink tea and water and play games with the family.  Keep the focus away from food and it's all good!  It's a mental thing for me, if I go in with a plan I'm much easier able to stay on track.  I also have to ask what the menu is.  If I try to leave it by chance or expect that people know I am eating healthy that isn't going to cut it.
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Friday it's back on track with workout, eating healthy and holiday shopping!  If your a black friday deal person and you are up and at em at the crack of dawn.  You can either workout before or after but make a point to put it in your calendar and don't skip out on your FRIDAY SWEAT SESSION!  Be mindful of your goals.  If you want to maintain your weight this holiday season it's more about balance than deprivation.  But you are going to have to be strong and pass up on some things and you are going to have to make your workouts a priority and recognize when you start making excuses and stop yourself dead in your tracks!!!!  
Thanksgiving workout, no excuses, just do it

If you want some good holiday recipes and swaps for your holiday here are some of my favorites:

For a cleaner cooking the Double Chocolate Macaroons are yummy!
The Blondie Cookies are also really tasty!!!
Instead of ranch dressing or other store made brands try this tasty creamy garlic dressing!  One of our family favorites and saves you the crappy ingredients.
For a healthy appetizer option the layered hummus dip is one that people always ask me to bring back!  
For a healthy side dish the roasted root medley is very colorful and festive!

I wish you a healthy and happy Holiday!!!!  

NOTE:  I am going to be starting a holiday survival guide group December 1st through 31st.  If you want some tips just like this to staying on track for the month of december and that extra level of accountability then make sure to join here!

The requirements are 30 days of Shakeology, Fitness Program optional, option to start with the 3 day refresh and or the 21 day fix!  Think about it this way!  Don't wait until after the holidays to get started.  You can actually lose an average of 2lbs a week between now and Christmas! Think 10 lbs gone before the ball drops on 2015!  

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