The 21 Day Fix Extreme Is Coming Soon- Exclusive Coach Workout

What is the 21 Day Fix Extreme?, Melanie MItro, Autumn Calabrese
Why Get The Fix Extreme?

This weekend I had the opportunity to share in my excitement for the soon to be released 8 days to be exact, workout program the 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I have the privilege of getting a sneak peak at the new workout because I am an Elite coach, but I didn't want to keep the experience all to myself.  So I decided to give my coaches a challenge!  Anyone who achieved success club 5 or higher in January so far would have the opportunity to do a Fix Extreme workout with me virtually!!!  

So we set the date to Saturday the 24th at 7:00 am and the fun began!!!  I kept a running list of everyone who had accomplished their goal so far this month and then Friday night I sent out the link to our workout session!

38 coaches showed up on Saturday morning to workout with Autumn!  It's the coolest experience to be in your own house but working out with your team!!!  We all crushed our workout and I know today my poor booty is so stinking sore from the lunges and squats!!!  This workout program is going to be amazing!!!  I'm absolutely beyond fired up and excited for it!

Our team is hosting our own coach exclusive 21 Day Fix Extreme group {Dream Team Coaches Only} plus an exclusive customer 21 day fix extreme group!!!  We are about to take the 21 Day Fix Extreme by storm and blow the results out of the water!  Just in time for our Success Club Trip to Cancun and the warmer weather season!!!!  I'm totally game!  Are you in??  Trust me, Autumn knows how to deliver killer results!  

Do you want to know more about what the 21 Day Fix Extreme is? Click here for the full details!!

My 21 Day FIX exclusive group will begin February 9th!  Product Released on the 2nd so make sure to fill out the application below to get on the list, get in the group and get RESULTS!!!!  See you there!!!

What is the 21 Day FIx Extreme, When Will it be launched, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Autumn Calabrese
Live Workout with My Team

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