Friday, August 2, 2013

Body Beast/ T25 Month 1 Workout Schedule

I know you have all been asking and anxiously waiting but I'm posting the T25/Body Beast Hybrid Schedule in phases!  Here is your phase 1!!!!
The first 4 weeks of workouts just for you!!!  

I promise to get up the next 2 phases next week if all goes as planned!

Here are my meal plans from month 1 as well.  You can use these as a reference or create your own!  All of the recipes are taken mostly from my Eat Clean Recipes List.
Week 1 Meal plan Body Beast/T25 Hybrid
Week 1 T25/Body Beast Hybrid 

week 2 T25/Body Beast Meal Plan
Week 2 Body Beast/T25 Hybrid Meal Plan

Week 3 T25/Body Beast Meal Plan Hybrid
Week 3 T25/Body Beast Hybrid Meal Plan

Week 4 T25/Body Beast Meal Plan Hybrid
Week 4 T25/Body Beast Meal Plan Hybrid

Supplements I am using:
I just added in the Creatine this week to beef up my results and to report to you whether or not it works!  :)  I love being your guinea pig!

Would this program be right for you?  If you have done P90X, Insanity, Chalean Extreme or you go to the gym and already know how to lift weights but just want to add something more to your routine then this would be for you!  It's muscle confusion at its best!

Train like a beast look like a beautyHow to get the best results?  Honestly it boils down to bringing your A game to every workout.  I find that when I am really in the moment and focus on every single rep, pushing myself to the max with my workouts and seeing if I can up my weight each week makes a difference.  Diet is the key!  You can workout as hard as you would like but you will have a hard time getting a six pack if you eat garbage.  The nutrition for me personally is the thing that makes a difference.  I find when I really focus on my diet my results come quicker!!!

I also have to say having support is so helpful!  I love that I have a group of other women doing Body Beast that I can use as inspiration and support!

If you are in need of support and guidance you are more than welcome to join my upcoming August 26th Challenge group.  There are some requirements such as a Beachbody Fitness Program, Shakeology and daily check ins the group.  But the return on your investment is a lifestyle change that lasts you forever!  Worth every penny for me personally!!

If you are interested in the group, please complete the application below.
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  1. Why do you always snack an apple and 14 almonds? Can I eat a pear or another fruit?