Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Thanksgiving Game Plan

Thanksgiving Meal Plan

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It's TURKEY day tomorrow!!  Most people gobble til they wobble tomorrow but I swear I am not going down like that!  The last 4 years I have mastered the art of having a healthy holiday where I still get to enjoy the foods that I look forward to like Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crisp and Wine!  But, I do it in moderation and of course I use my awesome containers to measure it all out!  I have got this covered and I'm going to give you the scoop!

I want to walk you through my mindset.  

#1  I am going to workout!  I'm not making it a rest day because it is a holiday.  I would rather kick some butt with a killer cardio workout because I know that its going to give me energy to keep up with my families crazy card playing!  LOL  I also want to rev up my metabolism because I'm going to have a few more carbs than normal so why not burn it up first.

#2  I don't starve myself because I am saving my calories for the big dinner!  I workout, I have my Shakeology for breakfast, I eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours but I will save my servings of carbs for dinner.  I will have lean protein and fruits and veggies during the day and save my carbs which will be my wine, my sweet potato and my apple crisp for dinner.  

Thanksgiving Meal Plan, Healthy Thanksgiving Tips, Healthy Apple Crisp, Wine, Sangria, Apples, Turkey Day, Clean eating, Pumpkin Shakeology Recipe

#3 I will drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water because that will help stave off hunger.  

#4 I will be pass up on the things that I don't really need.  For example, turkey is fine without mashed potatoes, I don't really need dinner rolls.  I like apple cider but I would rather save the sugar for wine.  It's about picking and choosing what you really really want to indulge in and then passing on the less important things.  

{If you are cooking dinner, then leave off the butter on the mashed potatoes, the beans, ect... I leave the butter on the side and those that want to add it can}.

#5  Finish your last meal 3 hours before bed.  Give your food time to digest.

#6 Stick to 1-2 drinks and drink 1 full glass of water in between.
If you are looking for fun cocktails do vodka soda water, espresso martinis or even the peppermint bark martinis on my blog under the eat clean recipes tab.

In the end I want you to enjoy your holiday but just be mindful of your choices and how they will make you feel afterwards.  If you are going to own it and you are not going to feel guilty for your choices then go for it.

But if you are going to REGRET going overboard then give yourself a gut check, get an accountability partner to call you out when you reach for a bad choice and stay focused on having a healthy holiday!!!!  

Enjoy your TURKEY DAY!!!!

If you are looking for some post holiday accountability hit me up for my Post THANKSGIVING 3 DAY REFRESH and Holiday Survival GUIDE GROUP!  November 30th START DATE!!!

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  1. Melanie... this is great!!! thank you for the suggestions!!