Clean Eating Costco Shopping List

Clean Eating Costco Shopping List

Clean Eating, Meal Planning and Preparation is definitely one of my favorite topics. While some might think it is extremely boring I am all over it!!!  I tend to buy a lot in bulk because first of all it's cheaper and secondly we eat a lot of food in our house.  The entire family eats clean so we need enough for everyone.  There are quite a lot of items that you get double the quantity for the exact same price.  Quinoa for example is expensive if you buy it in the boxes at your local grocery store.  But in bulk in Costco its like quadruple the bang for your buck!
So I was asked what my Costco Shopping list looks like.  So today I'm sharing it with you!!!!

What do I buy??

  1. Frozen Chicken Breast-Purdue 10 lb bag!!!  Love that they are individually frozen and perfect size.  Not to big and not to small.  Just pull them out as you need them.  
    Purdue Frozen Chicken, Clean Eating
  2. Quinoa- Earthly Choice Quinoa is already pre rinsed and easy to cook.  I love the Quinoa Breakfast bake!!
  3. Kirkland brand plain almonds.  Measure 12-14 almonds for a serving size!!!  I always pair this healthy protein and good fat with an apple or pear for a complete snack.  This is usually my mid morning snack!!!
Unsalted Almonds
4.  Kirkland Brand Olive Oil.
5.  Mara Natha Almond Butter- great for my shakeology or even on a plain unsalted rice cake.
Mara Natha Almond Butter

6.  Kirkland Brand Natural Peanut Butter- the only ingredient is peanuts!  Plus it comes in a two pack! Bonus!!!  My kids eat this peanut butter and do not even blink an eye.  Yes it might not be as sweet but it's still good!!!
Clean Eating Peanut Butter

7.  Ancient Grains Granola- almost to good to be true.  Granola is great to add crunch but you really have to watch portion sizes on this one.  Sometimes I can't buy it bc I am tempted to eat the entire thing in one sitting. So if you are a carb-a-holic then you might want to pass this up.
But it's good in yogurt to add crunch with fresh berries.
My favorite Clean Eating Granola Option
8. Kirkland Greek Yogurt- great source of protein and it has no added sugars.  Bonus:  It comes in a two pack!!

9.  Hannah Classic Organic Hommus- I love that they are little individual cups of hummus.  Perfect to put in your cooler or lunch bag and take to work or to the park.
10.  Kirkland Egg Whites- I'm a fan of egg whites.  Yes I know it's a controversial topic.  Do you eat the yoke or not?!  But I don't, and that is my choice.  Plus I like that I can eat a whole lot of whites for little calories.  I mix it with some veggies and it's a great breakfast!!!
11.  Veggies and fruits:  I buy my peppers in a 6 pack, celery, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, avocados, bananas, broccoli, asparagus, sweet potatoes ( you get an awesome big bag!!!), spinach, spring mix lettuce, apples  I honestly haven't found fruit or veggies that I don't like there!!!!

12.  Ground turkey- We eat ground turkey instead of beef. We do turkey tacos, turbofire chili, turkey burgers and lots of other ground turkey meals!  This comes in a 6 pack and is super cheap!!!
13.  Feta Cheese- So cheese isn't something that you should eat a lot of but feta is a stronger cheese and you only need a splash to get the flavor.  So Tosca Reno in her Eat Clean Books approves feta!!  

14.  Homestyle Whole Grain Tortillas- my favorite tortillas and they are 100% whole grain, 7 grams of fiber, no trans fats and limited calories.  I use these for my wraps at lunch and tacos.
15.  Sparkling Deer Park Seltzer Water- Great for when you need a little bubbly but don't want to go for soda!  Which rightfully so, soda is a BIG no no!!!
16.  Almond Milk- It comes in a 3 pack and it's vanilla.  It's not unsweetened which I actually would rather have.  Although, since we drink it so fast it's better to go this route!!
17.  Cottage Cheese- My kids LOVE cottage cheese and this makes a great snack.  Just measure out 1/2 cup and add blueberries or even some tomatoes and the kids eat it right up!!!
18. Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips- great for entertaining as a healthy chip option.  Warning they are so good you could eat them all yourself.  Just because they are healthier doesn't mean it's a free for all!  Portion control!!! Really good with these dips.  Bean Dip.

I know there are most likely a bazillion things I didn't mention but these are a few of the reasons we go to Costco each and every week.  It makes clean eating much more cost effective.  We do have an extra fridge so we do stock some in the basement.  But before we bought our house we found a way to put it all in one fridge!!!  So it's doable!!!  It just takes some planning and time to get used to!  We find some of the best CLEAN EATS at Costco!!!

I hope this list makes your grocery shopping a little easier!!!!

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