Clean Eating Lunch Box Ideas

Are you constantly struggling for ideas for what to pack in your child’s lunch box? You’re not alone!
I am constantly at a loss for what to pack when we go to the park or have play dates!  So I found a great site, The Gracious Pantry.  She posted an entire post on packing school lunches.  If we want to end the trend of obesity we have to start with our children.  Start teaching them about proper nutrition and stopping them dead in their tracks before it gets out of hand!!!  They are young and they will adjust.  Heck, if they are really young then they will never even know the difference.

The Main Trick

Kids, even the older ones, like to eat small things. Younger kids can get overwhelmed when they see a normal, adult sized sandwich in their lunchbox. Making things smaller makes them more fun to eat too. So think “small” when you pack lunches. Even if you make a big sandwich, try cutting it up into little squares. Cut large fruits into small pieces. Break protein bars in half or quarters. But however you cut it, break it or tear it, think small. In fact, you could pack a whole lunch with “snacks” (tiny pieces) of just about anything clean and healthy.

Also, if your kids pack their own lunches, don’t breathe down their necks trying to get them to pack healthy foods. All you have to do is make healthy foods the only foods that are available to them. That way, they still feel the control of choosing what they take for lunch, and you feel good because you know they are choosing from healthy options. It’s a win-win.

Quick Breakfast Ideas:
Snack Ideas:

Lunch Ideas:
Tired-Mom (or Dad!) Dinner Ideas:
Is this you?
Many parents complain about their kids eating processed and “un-clean” foods. But here’s the thing. Most food items have healthy alternatives. Take yogurt for example. You can buy the cruddy stuff with all sorts of chemicals, artificial sweeteners and fake flavors, or you can buy a clean yogurt that tastes just as good and is actually healthy for them. It may take a little leg work on your part to find these things, but once you do, you’re set. And generally speaking, they won’t notice much of a difference. So take the time to find the healthy versions of the processed foods they eat now. You’ll feel so much better about packing their lunches!

Article in part by The Gracious Pantry, the most awesome clean eating blog I have ever read!!!

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